YouTube SEO – Tricks For How to Rank YouTube Videos Fast

If you just landed at this article then there is a great probability that you are a YouTuber or going to start your YouTube channel soon and you may wonder How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast so that you get views. So today I will share my personal method that I use to rank my YouTube videos and will share YouTube’s algorithm that YouTube uses in deciding the YouTube video ranking in search results. For which we need to do YouTube SEO that is SEO for YouTube for which there are lots of YouTube SEO tools available on the web but you will still be missing with something. So that’s why I am here to help you, you do not need to use any YouTube SEO tools or need to watch SEO YouTube videos to learn how to do YouTube SEO. The only thing that you need to do is just follow this article because it is easy and trust worthy. Before I start I would like to make you clear in between two terms trending and ranking, they both are just different. Trending videos are the featured videos on YouTube , the video may get featured as trending video if it go viral, gets more shares , likes etc in very short time of period and Ranking of video means the position at which video will appear on search results for certain keywords.

YouTube SEO Tricks  that if you follow then no one can stop your video to rank on YouTube  :-

1) Youtube Keyword Researching :

Keyword researching is very important part of YouTube SEO because it is directly related to your video and what people search on youtube that is related to the topic of your video.

There are 3 types of keywords

i) Main Keyword :

It’s the main keyword for any topic . It may be of single word or double word. Eg : youtube , Microsoft, windows 10, iPhone 8, Samsung, backlink etc. These are the some examples for the Main Keyword and there is great competition on these types of keywords usually  and it is very difficult to rank for this types of keywords.

ii) Long Tail Keyword :

It is the keyword which includes the main keyword. Suppose your video is about “how to build backlinks for youtube videos “then in this keyword youtube and backlinks are the two main keywords used.  These types of keywords have not very high competition and therefore it is quite easy to rank for the Long Tail Keyword rather to go for the main keyword. Long Tail keyword may have no. of searches from 10K to 1M per month.

iii) Related Keyword:

It is the keyword that conveys the same topic. Lets take an example , Suppose your video is on Topic “how to rank youtube videos on google” then related keywords that you can use are :

how to optimize youtube channel, google search youtube video, how to seo youtube video, google keywords for youtube etc . are the keywords which are closely related to the topic “how to rank youtube videos on google “.

how to find keywords for youtube videos ?

My simple method is to just go to the YouTube Search bar and type few words related to your videos topic . Eg : If you have made a video on iPhone 8 then just go type “iPhone 8” insearch bar and you will see suggested search results which you should noted down if you think they are related to your video topic. You should always search for 7 to 10 best keywords for your video topic.  It’s all you done with keyword researching. Now we move to the next step.

Title of the video

Your title of the video should be in English and it should be the keyword itself is if possible, well you can add few words too after the keyword in your videos title. The keyword you should use is a Long Tail Keyword that conveys the perfect meaning that about what your video is, as I already have told about Long Tail Keywords  at the above so I would not tell here again about that. As I said you can add few words more after keyword if you want, but make sure your title length should not be too long. It should have less than 20 words.

Write Best Video Description

Buy cheap youtube comments This is the very important part of YouTube SEO. Some new youtubers make blunder in this they just ignore writing a youtube description for the video. YouTube’s algorithm searches for the match between the word that is searched and your videos description to identify the best video for the viewers. So I would say make your description SEO friendly, it should contain title keyword and 2 or 3 other related Long Tail keyword which will also contain the main keyword in it. But the important thing is do not just use them as just keywords in your youtube description, you need to include these keywords in your videos description wisely. I would recommend you to make your videos description of length up to 100 or 150 words. So you should give some time to write the best description for your youtube video.

Best Tags for YouTube Videos

There is a tags section in the edit section of your youtube video. In this you just need to put the best tags for youtube videos. The all 7 to 10 keywords that you have already got from the Keyword Researching, you just need to put those keywords in Tags of your YouTube Video. It is always a good practice to not use unrelated keywords in the tags. Friends you should just not use any keyword in tags to gain views, in fact it will never going to work and will get you negative impact too.

Speak Keywords in your youtube video :

Yes friends you just heared speak keyword. Try to speak the title of your video in your video if possible and you can, it will really help in your youtube video ranking because youtube’s algorithm can recognize the speech in your video.

Gain Watch Time on your video:

Buy custom youtube comments Now it is the main aspect of the youtube seo because all steps that I told till now can follow anyone but this step is something different, in fact this step is not in your hand in a direct way but it depends on your viewers. YouTube videos with higher watch time will rank up for sure. Your video can get rank on  the first page in search results by all 1 to 5 Steps that I told but if you want your videos position in first 5 place then you must need to gain high watch time on your youtube video. So how can you get high watch time for your video..? Well, not to worry I am going to tell here only.