Main Differences Between SFP 10G ZR and SFP 10G SR

With the passage of time, technologies and techniques are being improved in order to bring advancement in all the sectors. Networking, communication and telecommunication are the main fields where improvement has been brought with special interest. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to cover the increasing demand of telecommunication without improving the techniques and technologies. Cozlink is one of the main options for the people looking for the best materials and technologies. SFP ZR and SR modules are common in this sector. How do SFP 10G ZR and SFP 10G SR differ? It is necessary to have information about these two modules. This enables the users to select the most useful option according to requirement of a project.

What is ZR?

This would be little confusing for most of the readers. As a matter of fact, the term “ZR” stands for updated version of ER. Everyone knows that ER is used for the extended reach in the networking field. The newest version updated for the long distances contains more features. This ensures that professionals will not face any problem when going to install the networks for long distances. The ZR version of extended reach enables the users to establish a supply line in 80 km.

Enjoy single technique:

Unlike other modules and techniques, the ZR enables the users to avoid use of unnecessary devices, transceivers and cables. All you have to consider is the application of this module. This will help to obtain the best results in a reasonable budget.