5 unbeatable gift ideas for golfers

Playing golf requires many virtues: concentration, style, skill and taste. Coupled with ambition and healthy competition, every game becomes a roller-coaster of emotions that makes it difficult to maintain composure. Therefore you score with these gift ideas with golfers twice ben hogan ptx irons review.

Creative gifts for golfers

  1. Concentration-promoting measures

A round can happen, especially if you have a bad day. Every avid golfer is happy about the means and ways to maintain concentration over a period of time beyond a failed putting attempt. I recommend Brainfood in the form of honey, chocolate and nuts.

  1. Sedative

If your golf partner like Rumpelstiltskin leaps through the bunker, because he has just unsuccessfully punched a hole in the sand, then keep emergency drops ready: Creamy liquor works wonders here. Best of all, you give him the bottle right away, he could use it more often on his lap.

  1. Stimulants

His game today is so depressing that your golf buddy is seriously considering giving up golf altogether to become a small animal breeder instead? You’ll see, just a small bottle of schnapps and he’s not wasting any thought on the rabbits.

  1. Golf gifts for men

Men approach sport rationally and analytically: What makes me better? What keeps me in shape? How can I get a small advantage? Of course everything in the context of legality and fairness. Give him chocolate, Krensenf, wine and salami!

  1. Golf gifts for ladies

Women are supposed to be better at controlling their emotions while playing golf than men. Controlling does not mean that they are not experiencing emotions; they just do not let the poor beings out. Can you imagine what it would look like for a lady after two 10 cm putts in a row inside each other? Remedy only liquor, wine and chocolate. Please in this order and plenty of it!