5 free apps to succeed on Instagram

In the middle of the digital era, the world could not be understood without social networks. The most visual of them all is Instagram . On this platform you can find multimedia content of all kinds: from recurring selfies to portraits and landscape photos that are a true work of art. But what is it that must be done to ensure that this content is of quality and is successful among followers? This article reveals five applications to succeed on Instagram buyiglikes.com buy ig likes.

Instagram is conquering both the millennial public and many older people, who see in this social network a window to the world from which to observe the publications of others and also from which to express themselves. Unlike what you might think, uploading quality content in it is within everyone’s reach. Many people believe that posting good content on Instagram and getting many likes is only possible if you are famous or a professional photographer or if you own a very expensive camera. However, there are many free or very affordable apps with which to edit images and videosin a simple way, without the need to download expensive and difficult to use external programs. What can these applications help with and what are the best?


  1. VSCO: edit photographs

A picture is worth a thousand words and on Instagram even more. In a single minute, 46,200 photos are uploaded on Instagram , according to a report by US radio operator Cumulus Media. They are images of all kinds: portraits, landscapes, artistic, personal and even food. There is space and public for everything.

But although creativity is key, there is no point in having good ideas for making snapshots – or having an Instagram account with animals – if this material is not edited well. The most advisable thing is to help you with some photo retouching app. The most advantageous is that they are simple while providing very professional results, without having to install expensive external programs.

Although there is a lot of variety, one of the best known among the instagramer community is VSCO, which includes the most common editing options such as modifying exposure, saturation or sharpness. In addition to this, this free application also has collections of colorful filters.


  1. MOLDIV: making montages and collages

The creation of collages is a very recurrent resource at the same time fun. The collages allow joining different images to design compositions of all kinds and are increasingly present in social networks like Instagram. Therefore, the social network itself has a tool to create photo montages called Layout.

However, those who want to go further have many other external applications such as MOLDIV, available for free for iOS and Android. Its use is very simple and has more than 200 different ways to create collages.


  1. Prism: create art

The most creative Instagram users and art lovers also have their apps with which it is possible to add artistic effects to the images, without needing to be a design expert to handle them.

One of the most praised is Prisma, a free application that was named best app of 2016 on Google Play. On the one hand, it makes it possible to correct certain aspects of the snapshots and, on the other hand, allows transforming photographs into different artistic styles, from watercolor to pop art.


  1. Hyperlapse: edit videos

Although the photographic format is the most predominant in Instagram, many users also upload videos and boomerangs (a hybrid between video and GIF) . Therefore, more and more applications are designed to improve the quality and visuality of the videos. In this field is very popular Microsoft Hyperlapse , suitable to cut videos and change the speed of reproduction, among others.


  1. Drool: for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has been one of the incorporations of Instagram with better reception. This function, among other things, offers the possibility of creating short videos, which disappear 24 hours after their publication. Despite its resemblance to Snapchat , Instagram Stories managed to catch the instagramers from the beginning and, by mid-2017, already exceeded 200 million active daily users, according to Instagram.

Therefore, to have an attractive Instagram profile in this social network you also have to take great care of the content that is uploaded to Instagram Stories. The tool itself already includes very varied functionalities such as animated filters, stickers and even GIF.

Even so, there are also interesting external apps such as Drool, which contains numerous graphics classified into categories ranging from sports and food to masks and accessories.